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SCOVR is your safe space, here you can be YOU. User verification ensures that there are no fake profiles on our platform. Everyone is welcome in our community - discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. A crazy hobby? Show us! We are happy to see diversity. Be authentic - be YOU!

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SCOVR is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to find friends through activities in your area. Instead of staring at a screen all day, SCOVR makes it easy to meet cool people with similar interests to join you on exciting adventures.

Make friends of strangers

Already had a crossing today? Check your matching score, send a quick chat message and turn a franger into your new best friend. Check out the SCOVR map to see what else is happening in your city tonight or create your own activity with just a few clicks!

Filtered by your interests

With the implemented content filters, you will only see frangers or activities that you are actually interested in. Data flood was yesterday's news!

What our community says

"Great way tomake new friends!"

"You will never be bored again. It's so easy to find new stuff to do!"

"Perfect for introvertswho are looking to make new friends."

"Just moved to a new city and immediately foundnew people to skate with!"

"Never thought I would use an app to see what's going on around me, but here we are. And it's so easy!"

"For everyone who is looking for asafe social media app. So glad there are no fake accounts on here!"

"Finally an app with no creeps! So tired of inappropriate messages on social media. Thank you!"

"A place where I feel comfortableand don't have to feel ashamed of my "weird" hobbies."

"I didn't know there were people in my area who are into knitting like me. Thanks to SCOVR I found them!"

"Immensely grateful this app exists. Can't wait to see what the future holds!"

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